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Professional Cleaning, Waxing and Buffing to Restore Hardwood Floors

What homeowner doesn’t want a stand-out wood floor that shines every day?

It’s easier said than done.

After years of dirt build-up and the abuse of daily family activity, your wood floor’s surface can get dull and lose its shine, and begin to show wear-and-tear in the form of small scratches, dents, and dings.

If your wood floors have superficial scratches or have begun to lose their shine, don’t turn to a complete (and costly) refinishing – cleaning and buffing are the right services for you.

With Hardwood Floor Heroes, you won’t have dust and sand covering your home, and you won’t have to shell out an arm-and-a-leg either.

We remove dirt, grime, soil, and wax. We preserve your floor’s protective surface to make your floors look like new. If you have a specific type of finish you’d like to put over your wood floors, we do that, too!

We dedicate our time to saving your hardwood floors – and saving your money.

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Wood Floor Cleaning & Buffing

Safe, professional cleaning and buffing to bring life back to your hardwood floors.


Wood Floor Screening

Screening assists with light surface blemishes and scratches before we apply high-grade protective polyurethane.


Wood Floor Waxing

We remove your floors' faded wax and give them a thorough cleaning before re-coating to restore an incredible sheen.

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