Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

We offer cleaning and buffing services, installation and repair services, and refinishing services such as screen and recoats as well as sanding.
Anderson, Greenville, Simpsonville, Spartanburg, and the greater upstate.
We offer a satisfaction-guarantee service and follow-through until the job is completed.
Yes, we work on the weekends.
This is situational. For screen and recoats and smaller repairs or installations, the process usually takes one day, but for sanding, the process can take 3-4 days.
It is not recommended that you stay home while we perform our work, but it is possible for our installation, repair, and hardwood floor maintenance services.
We have workers compensation coverage, general liability coverage, and we are also bonded as well.
We do not, we contract or work with a moving service company in order to move furniture. However, we do remove and dispose of carpet if it is a part of the hardwood flooring project.
We accept debit card payments only.

Yes, please visit our website here.

Finishing, Staining & Coating Questions

No, the polyurethane that we use does not emit very high VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) so the odor is not offensive.
We primarily use water-based finishes.

Pay attention to the sheen level that you want and know that some sheens will hide imperfections better than others on your floor. We’ll be glad to explain during an in-home or on-phone consultation.

Call to receive a consultation: 864-280-9005

We only offer a color change, or new stain, on your floor within our sanding services.

Repair & Sanding Questions

Deep scratches are best treated with a full sanding. There are occasions when a screen and recoat can help, but it depends on how deep the scratch is within the wood grain.
Yes, it is situational, and we usually suggest having your floor sanded. In some cases, wood floors need to be removed and installed with new wood planks.
Yes, depending on the service, we will likely need to remove the shoe mold and/or baseboards. This applies primarily for installations and repairs.
Yes, we install base-shoe molding and baseboards.
We have restored stair steps, stair nosing, stair cases, and stair risers.
We do not sand floating engineered floors. We’d rather not take that risk due to the very thin veneer of most engineered flooring.

After Completion Questions

We recommend following the urethane label, because “the label is the law.” However, we’ve seen customers put down their furniture within 48 hours.
They should last at least 5 years if you just received maintenance services and 10+ years if you received sanding services.
We recommend dry mopping and vacuuming your floors and using any neutral pH cleaner that you can find to clean them.