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Hardwood Floor Heroes is the upstate’s choice for restoring faded and scratched hardwood floors. Remove years of dirt and grime and restore your floor’s original luster and durability with our comprehensive and affordable wood floor maintenance services.


Wood Floor Cleaning and Buffing

Bring life back to your hardwood floors with professional cleaning and buffing by Hardwood Floor Heroes. 

This gentle, non-aggressive process removes decades of dirt and grime, restoring a beautiful shine to wood floors of any age.


Wood Floor Screen and Recoat

If your floors have lost their sheen and appeal, screening and re-coating may be the service for you. It’s the perfect solution to hardwood floors saddled with light surface blemishes and scratches!

With floor screening, we screen off the old polyurethane finish on your floors without removing any wood before re-coating your floors with two protective layers of commercial-grade polyurethane.

This is an affordable, durable alternative to completely sanding down and refinishing your floors.


Wood Floor Wax Removal

Unfortunately, store-bought waxes, acrylics, polishes, and oils for floors can do more harm than good over time.

With professional cleaning and waxing equipment, we can remove the remaining original wax from your floors and thoroughly clean them to restore their original shine and beauty.

We recommend screening and re-coating with most waxing services.

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