Removing Residue From Pre-Finished Engineered Hardwood Floors in Powdersville, SC

I wanted to share with you a recent job that we did with some pre-finished engineered hardwood floors in the Powdersville area. Straight to business here: I know what the current homeowner used [on their hardwood floors], which was Bona. (Side note: I liked Bona. I’ve had great experiences in conversations with the Bona company and brand.)

I’ve seen and talked to enough people on hardwood floors to see that it leaves cloudy marks – the Rejuvenates, the Mop & Glo’s, those products don’t usually have a great lasting impact on hardwood floors. But the scratches aren’t caused by those products usually. But the cloudiness, you will see [on the video] that those products cause that. 


Take a look at the homeowner’s hardwood floor. You can see in some of these areas, you’ve got the scratches, you’ve got the cloudiness, some gunk and acrylic-like wax throughout the floor. And obviously, in-person, it’s going to be more visible. If it’s in the grain, then, then we cannot get those. That’s going to require some sanding, but you don’t typically sand pre-engineered or prefinished engineered hardwood floors. It’s very tough to do. It can get very expensive. We do not sand. We stick to the screening, buffing, and recoating.


Now, before the final run through of buffing the hardwood floor with a neutral cleaner, you may see some swirl marks, and those swirl marks will come up after we put a neutral cleaner on the hardwood floor and a flat mop going with the grain; not against the grain, going with the grain. And what’s happening is sometimes, you know, we’re adding friction to the hardwood floor to get that wax, gunk, residue, dirt and those different substances, and that friction causes some of the swirls.

And the swirls come from that synthetic finish on the hardwood floors and the finish is softening up, while the floors are getting buffed out. But the swirls will be evened out and they’ll come out once we flat mop the floor one more time and, and go over it. 

Now, as far as like the chips in the hardwood floor, that’s not something that we work with. I’m sure we’ll add that later, but what we’re focused on is removing the scratches, the cloudiness, and some scratches we can’t get.


The homeowners were satisfied in terms of cleaning their hardwood floor and getting the cloudiness, residue, grease, and gunk. We’ve got all that stuff up.

So, if this something that you are interested in, let us know. We would love to help out to make sure that you are maintaining your hardwood floors as best as you can!


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