How We Saved a Homeowner $85,000💰 On Their Hardwood Floors | Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Buffing

My name is Myson Jones, and I’m the owner of Hardwood Floor Heroes. 

As our very first Youtube video, I wanted to show you how we restored the floor of a 2500-square foot home in the Simpsonville area and helped the homeowner save over $85,000!

You see, after years of dirt build-up and the abuse of daily family activity, your wood floor’s surface can dull and lose its shine, beginning to show wear-and-tear in the form of small scratches, dents, and dings.

If your wood floors have superficial scratches or have begun to lose their shine, don’t turn to a complete (and costly) refinishing – cleaning and buffing is the right for you.

With Hardwood Floor Heroes, you won’t have dust and sand covering your home, and you won’t have to shell out an arm-and-a-leg either.

Connect with us and get beautiful floors in no time!

(Video Transcript)

Hey, my name is Myson Jones. I’m the owner of Hardwood Floor Heroes, and I wanted to show you how we helped a homeowner in the Simpsonville area save over $85,000. That’s $85,000. This was May 21st. And again, it was a homeowner in Simpsonville. She had just found out within the week that she needed to move. So this was a pretty abrupt process. It was urgent for them. And for the last two years, living in this home, they had footprints, they had glares, they had residue on the floor. You’ll see some scratches, even though there’s only one pet, and the pet couldn’t have caused that much harm and didn’t see much, many scratches from the pet in the home. But they had these cloudy marks that they wanted to get rid of to make sure that they didn’t have any challenges with the selling process.

So what I’m gonna do…you see some scratches right here, too. What I’m gonna do is give you some more context, and then we’re gonna talk through the process of what we did to help this homeowner save $85,000. The builder…I shouldn’t mention this…the builder promised that they would help fix the spots and the floor, and they tried numerous times. I don’t know how many times. You can see some of the cloudiness there. I don’t know how many times they tried, but eventually they just gave up and were not heard from again. So they called and we helped out along with Truman Hardwood Flooring Services. So we did join on this project here. But what we did first was to find one, all these cloudy spots, all these foot marks, and the things that the homeowner wanted to get up from their floor.

And after we did that, we walked through each room and we had to put an emulsifier down, which basically gets that gunk, that residue. And here’s the theory: The theory is that the company that put down…and you guys can see that mark right there with the floor and what the cloudiness looks like versus what the floor should actually look like. But our theory is that the service, the vendor that put down the floors had a glue residue within that tile and grout. And when they tried to clean the floor, they spread and smeared that tile and grout there…there I am…that tile and grout or that glue residue all over the floor, which is why there are all those cloudy marks and all the other residue and gunk, the dirt that you’ll see <laugh> later on in this video. So I’m going to fast forward to the next spot and keep catching you up to date and show you our process. But once we identify all the spots, do a walkthrough again of the home, we start with emulsifying this agent that’s going to help pick up some of the gunks, some of the things that we need to get off the floor.

And then we agitate it, meaning we just spread it out even more and disperse it. And once it has some time to dwell on the floor, then we pick it up, we rinse and we extract that and dry the floor off to put down another cleaner, that’s a pH neutral cleaner, that does a very good job of making sure that the floor is cleaned. And after that, we assess the floor again to make sure that everything is going along as planned. So, that’s what we’re doing right now with the 175 [Floor Machine]. We’re spreading around that emulsifier. We’re mixing it, dispersing it, then we’re going to extract it to put down the neutral cleaner on the floors. So once we go through that process, you guys can see right now that that spot where that rug was is no longer there.

And honestly, a lot of this…yes, we have the theory of the flooring company who installed the floors maybe had some glue residue that they accidentally smeared or spread around once they tried to clean the floor up after their installment. But you know, another thing that we don’t talk about as often is…we don’t talk about as often is the usage of household products – the bonus, the rejuvenates, the mop and Glo, all those different products that may give a good shine to the floor, may give a good polish, but we don’t talk about what they actually do. And I’m gonna show you guys a little bit later what goes on. So, once we got that area, we moved around to the next area, we wanna put the cart, the actual curtains up to make sure we don’t get any of that product there.

And as you can see, I’m going through the next phase, the next portion of this project, spreading the emulsifier around again, making sure that we pick it up a little bit later as well. So let’s go and fast forward to the next portion, which is here. This is the Karcher. This is the wet & dry vacuum that is going to be used to rinse up the emulsifier that we use, so then we can go down and buff, meaning just spread around that neutral cleaner on the floor. So, let’s move on to the next spot. I want you guys to see this, okay? I’m gonna prep you for this. I want you to see what actually happens with the rejuvenates, with the mop and Glo, with the bonus. And look, I used to use those products as well until I saw what happens from a few of these cleaning jobs in our own home as well.

So, I’m gonna fast forward to this spot so you can see exactly what happens and how dirty this floor actually gets. And what happens is these household cleaners, they polish, they do well, but they also trap the soil. They trap dirt at times, which causes the water to look like that. That’s what we were cleaning up on the floor. And this is why I don’t recommend using the typical household products as popular as the brands are. I’ve just seen enough floors to know that’s not what I want a customer, especially not myself, to have on their floors minus, you know, obviously the cloudy marks, the footprints and those other things that you see on your floor, too. But just that dirt and that soil, that’s a two years of gunk and household products and whatever else they tried to use to clean these floors. To show you the difference between the original floor, what it’s supposed to look like – nice, smooth green right there, and the old floor with the gunk and with the smears and all the other agents that we talked about, the household cleaners, that’s what they had to experience for two years right here versus what the floor is actually supposed to look like as well.

So, you can see the difference. And I’m also gonna show you the difference between the dirt <laugh>, what the floor looks like after we finish buffing it out. This was after. This was before. And both sides are just like this. So, we used both sides of the pad and you could see how much dirt we actually got up. And look, this, this wasn’t even wax, right? This was just some kind of other glue residue. It was rejuvenate. It was whatever else they tried to use to clean these floors up. And again, they were going to be quoted on having to sand this floor and it was gonna cost them $90,000.

And I don’t know what that breaks down. This is a 2,500-square foot home. So, if you break that down, it’s like $36 per square foot, right? And this job only costs them $1.50 per square foot. So, you can imagine how much they are saving by just having the cleaning and the buffing service. That’s why we call ourselves the Hardwood Floor Heroes. So, I know long-winded, I thought it was gonna be shorter, but just wanted to show you guys our process with the home recently in the Fountain Inn area. And if we can help you out in any way to save your hardwood floors or to maintain them, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We will be glad to help you save the day.


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